A TVH Initiative

Engage, Contribute & Educate:

The Villa Himalaya is a part of a larger community that has its own unique character and needs. We endeavor to be good citizens by partnering with local households and reach out to lend a hand in creative and meaningful ways. Giving back to our communities is an element of TVH’s fiber. Because we live, work and play in our communities, we take social responsibility seriously by volunteering locally. The management and staff are not only part of the community they live and work in, but they also strive to be positive and supportive members dedicated to contributing to the sustainable development of the nearby villages and its people. Above all else, through our outreach, we demonstrate the utmost respect for the people and cultures of the communities we call home.

Education & Support:

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and improving lives. But for many of the village children, the basics are almost out of reach. We are proud to Initiate a program through which we will ask our travelers and guests to bring books, pens, pencils and other educational material and donate them to the school themselves. The village school is called Govt Middle School, Zaripora, Kullan and houses children from the age of 4 to 14 years old. Those of you who are also interested can interact with the children here and give them exposure to various topics like environment, science, history or even give them some tips about the English Language. This program is supported by the teachers of the school and have shown enthusiasm to educate the children practically.

Community partnerships:

We, the people of TVH, are proud to partner with the village school for monthly cleanliness drive so that the people are educated about clean environments. We work closely with local groups ensuring that we support their wider objectives to benefit the area. monetary support or gifts.

Tourism Opportunities:

Tourism and hospitality have always been the strength in our Kashmiri society and we at TVH understand the importance of this element. The wonderful thing about this kind of tourism is that everyone gains – the locals gain income and get to play a part in the industry while keeping their cultures and traditions intact. The travellers who stay with us get to enjoy the life and experience a side that remains unseen by people who prefer the illusions of the big cities. For our travellers this makes an authentic experience, a human adventure, a journey of learning, of discovery, of encounters and of mutual respect between the guest and the local inhabitant. One of the best aspects in our approach is that we offer an opportunity that enables participants to better interact and get a first-hand, deeper insight into their daily lives, society and their ecosystem. It not only creates jobs and gives financial stability to a household but also exposes the ideas and culture of our community and in return we learn from the people who visit us from across the globe and to benefit from this idea we make sure that our travellers visit few houses who are culturally rich, interact with the local families and have a cup of tea with them and get to know about each other. The guests can support them with whatever they feel, be it a monetary support or gifts.