Travel Around

Travel Around

Experience the best of Kashmir with Villa Himalaya's nature activities, trekking, and more.

Experience Sonamarg

To keep our guests occupied we are providing a list of places, which you can visit each day...

Nature Activities

The surrounding forests at the Villa Himalaya are pleasant for people who wish to explore and enjoy...


The Villa Himalaya is a part of a larger community that has its own unique character and needs...

Special Interest Tours

The Himalayan Saga

This trek is one of the most popular in the Kashmir Himalayas, offering vantage points of some of the most beautiful...

Call of the Himalayas

Dwelve into the fascinating world of mountain lore
and the Himalayan beauty of Kashmir on this tour.
Set out on foot to discover hiking trails...

The Sanctuary Experience

Within the folds of Kashmir’s mountains lie hidden
mountain valleys, dazzling rice fields and villages
unchanged by time. On this magical trip...

Mountain Trails & Village Walks

Treat yourself to a different kind of adventure and
drive on a guided tour to experience some of the
most pristine wilderness of Sonamarg...